The art of WUTAO

Influenced by the Taoist philosophy, Wutao has been created by a French couple, Pol Charoy and Imanou Risselard. Its name is based on the union of two ideograms : « wu » for dance or awakening and « Tao », the way.

The practice of Wutao brings an awareness of the primal wavy motion of the spine while liberating the breath. It is an art of movement in tune with the needs of our time, when it is imperative to go back to the basics, to what is natural :

Reconnect with the intelligence of the body in order to feel more incarnated. Taste the feeling that comes with the gesture.
Create links within oneself and with the environment.
Awake the soul of the body and find out our inner rythm.

Imanou RISSELARD has been trained in yoga and dance, and worked as a theater performer specialised in movement.

Pol CHAROY is a former world champoin in Kung Fu Wushu and a consultant in scenic choregraphy.

TOGETHER, they created the magazine Generation Tao and the Centre Tao Paris. Today, they are dedicated to the transmission of Wutao.

Le centre tao Paris

The book press (clic here)


VIDEO (Imanou Risselard et Arnaud Legrain)

VIDEO (by Boris Doussy)